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    TUTORIAL: How To Add Kits (For Dummies)

    Good Tip ! Thank You
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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Please Arsenal Home Red Sock ?
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    TUTORIAL: How To Add Kits (For Dummies)

    Best Tutorial Man But How I Know Color Code ?
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    Hagi's Kits

    Good Tutorial. Keep It
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    Stark Industries

    Great ! I Like New Kits Pack With Minikit
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    Can U Example When I Must Use Installer Panel ? Im Not Sure What Difference Regenerate Panel...
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    Hagi's Kits

    OK Clear Answer
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    Hagi's Kits

    How to Import The Kits. Same FIFA 14 (Use CM14) ?
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    National Teams Kits

    Great. ! I Like New Kits With Mini Kit PS. How-to Change New Adidas or Nike Font/Numbers for New Nation Kits ?
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    Hagi's Kits

    Yes. Please Fix Quality HD Germany & Argentina
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    AmitBarel's Kits

    Look Good Quality
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    AleGN Goes 14

    Good Quality. Please Green GK & Kits Bump
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    Tonce's 14-15 Kits

    Please Home White Socks & Kits Bump Tonce :) Best Quality.
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    The Crew Kits

    White Home Socks
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    AleGN Goes 14

    Released : PS. Thanks for All Your Work AleGN. See You in FIFA 15 ^ ^