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    Problem With Boots

    u mean for single player or all players
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    Rique's rather stubborn insistence on playing FIFA 13 Patch

    appreciates ur work man waiting 4 it
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    FIFA 14 Demo File Loader 1.0

    right mate i fond that with my nvidia too
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    FIFA 14 Demo File Loader 1.0

    i don't know why it is not working for me is it service pack thing or registry:md::md: ... weird
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    FIFA 14 Demo File Loader 1.0

    anyone who has win7 x64 managed to get this tool work>>> plz tell me
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    FIFA 14 Demo File Loader 1.0

    does not work win 7 x64
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    FIFA 14 Demo File Loader 1.0

    cannot download from zippyshare :(
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    FIFA 13 Language & Commentary Files Archive

    this also happened to me but i figured out that my game is multi 4 (2 eng - 1 french- 1 Spanish ) not multi 17 to support other commentaries >>>> so i downloaded this thanks to fidel and made my game multi 17 and enjoyed...
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    FIFA 13 EASFC Unlockable?

    YOU ARE A MASTER :jap::jap::jap:
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    Japanese and Swedish Commentary

    cannot download any thing
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    zubinr9 Kits

    very good work
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    .:: Revolution Mod 13 ::.

    when i assign aboot to aplayer who had an ugly ea one i have the boot in the game but in violet color !!! what to do?
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    FIFA 13 EASFC Unlockable?

    what are in this???
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    FIFA Creation Studio 13

    teamkittypetechid 0 Home Kit 1 Away Kit 2 Goalkeeper Kit 3 Third Kit 4 Manager Kit 5 Referee Kit 6 Training Kit 1 7-22 Alternative Kit