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    Natural Evolution Gameplay by Shorelooser

    hullo mate, any idea why my game crashes to desktop at the start with 1.4? it won't even get past the EA logo thingy. thanks.
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    alex94's Faces

    Bloody hell, now that, is Lazar Markovic. Brilliant.
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    vojasrbin's Faces

    thanks for making Markovic, mate. looking forward to its eventual release. :)
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    Guarin_91's Work

    He's not going to release anything, surely. Only here to tease and gain self esteem ;)
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    [MOD] MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    I'd like to pop in here just to say thanks for a terrific job with 2.3. Finally, I can have a pretty good game going. Ta!
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    Rique's rather stubborn insistence on playing FIFA 13 Patch

    this is fantastic. i'm defo looking forward to playing with the new updated squads. (tried out a Madrid career game but crashed during simulation even before reaching friendly)
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    Bina's Faces

    yes, please.
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    DizzeeSpellz Face Archive :)

    no worries mate, you just plod on. it'll happen, some day.
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    i'll give manly hugs and time limited brotherly love to anyone who can produce (and release, 'cause some of the jokers are just a big tease) any or all of the below: Joe Allen (seriously, none??) Raheem Sterling Suso Fernandez
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    DizzeeSpellz Face Archive :)

    looking forward to seeing a finished sterling.
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    Kits by D4W3R

    brilliant lfc 3rd kit! well in mate.
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    [FIFA12] KrisDzung276's Face Thread

    oh dear me, was just looking forward to kelly's release.
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    FV.Luces FIFA 12 Faces!

    lovely clasie! waiting for its release.
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    [FIFA12] KrisDzung276's Face Thread

    love kelly! great work.