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    My first kits Colo Colo 2010

    cool! keep it up!
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    Kits by Hobs Crk

    cool! please join this-
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    i need someone tell me how

    er,that image wont do.thats just a preview of how it looks need a folder with a .0 file and two .fsh files(or two image files).once you get something like that,post back and i'll explain
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    :::::drogba11 creations:::::

    omg! release!
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    Barclays Premier League 09-10 Patch

    well,about the teams being in both leagues,i suppose this is the first time you've downloaded the patch,version 3 didnt contain the league structure update.and if i went to add all the free players into their correct teams,i might as well create a world patch itself,which,to be frank,i dont have...
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    Full 2010/2011 Patch

    well,you can use my premier league patch,i hope that helps,i think its completely up to date.
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    Full 2010/2011 Patch

    hmm,this is a very big project for one person to do..good luck with that! by the way,have you thought of one thing,by the time you're done with this patch,the next season will be about to begin,and the kits/rosters will change..
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    Orange Ekstraklasa

    no one.please stop spamming.
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    Official World Cup 2010 Thread

    and people,the action shifts here!
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    Official World Cup 2010 Thread

    ok cool bro
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    A New Beginning - FIFA 07 Editors group

    great!i'll send you invites too,mrromaniac and 9cr7.If anyone else hasnt got invites,please let me know...
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    My kits.

    o-edit FIFA 07 file-
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    A New Beginning - FIFA 07 Editors group

    oh! a fellow indian! i'm from mumbai by the way...i checked out the website you posted,its great,just what we need...but seeing that its mainly focussed on multiplayer gaming,maybe we should just create a new one on ning.Anyway,we can work out those details later. Milani,great to have you with us..
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    A New Beginning - FIFA 07 Editors group

    amazing!thanks bobscratchit!