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    Script editor (script.bin)

    Will they work for FIFA Manager games?
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    FIFA Manager 2022 - Released!

    Is it possible to add F1 drivers faces from F1 games + FIFA 21 to FIFA Manager? (Hamilton, Ricciardo, Aiden Carlos*son , Casper Akkerman and Devon Butler’s faces that I want to see)
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    Fifa 10 stadiums

    Does the stadium mods for FIFA 10 work with FIFA Manager 09-10-11-12-13-14?
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    Need Help - Fifa 10 3d Player faces for Fifa Manager 14

    @Dmitri There was a old post to answer.
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    some faces created or edited by me

    Is it possible to use them in FIFA Manager 10?
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    FshEd 0.05 error

    I want to update some faces for FIFA Manager 10, but I can't download Otools
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    Intertoto Cup for FIFA Manager 09-14

    Hello to all. Is it possible to put Intertoto Cup from FIFA Manager 07-08 to 09-14 and rename it to Conference League?
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    FIFA Manager 2022 - Released!

    And thanks for answering. But what happened to your FIFA Manager Universal Converter?
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    FIFA Manager 2022 - Released!

    Any possible chance to convert relegated teams kits from old games?
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    FIFA Manager 2022 - Released!

    Thanks for the answer, but there was a 2022 patch for FIFA Manager 10 by Solons0. Also do you have FIFA Manager 10?
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    What happened to Dmitriy's Universal Converter Project?

    @Dmitri Explain me what happened to the FIFA Manager Universal Converter? I just wanted to use it for Old FIFA Manager games.
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    FIFA Manager 2022 - Released!

    Would love to see you modding FIFA Manager 10 as well. Also Can you add Untucked shirt?
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    OTools - import/export O/FSH files

    Tried to use a VPN but doesn't work. Maybe you could send another link but not here.
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    Can't create a new game save after my work in FIFA (LFP) Manager 10

    Hi to all. I'm currently using solons0's patch for FIFA (LFP) Manager 10, and I just created clubs but I can't open a new game save as the game kicks me out. Can anyone help me? Link of Solons0's patch:
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    PES/FIFA Kit Converter

    Can you add old PES Games ? (PES 6 & PES 2013)