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    Feyenoord Fantasy Kits *fifakitcreator poll update* I need your help in selecting the away kit for next season! Which design made on do you like best ?
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    Feyenoord Fantasy Kits *fifakitcreator poll update*

    Im so happy to see that there are finally modding tools for Fifa 21 Thank you! I put the kits I had reversed for Fifa 21 in right away. Here they are, hope you like them, Feel free to use them If you like to. Download them here I am not the best kit maker out there and I do realise the mini...
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    [Story] Feyenoord Career mode

    The New Feyenoord Fifa 21 Career mode has started! Rules/Settings Diffeculty : Legendary (AI On)Transfers : StrictScouting : I'm not looking up Potentionals or player stats on futbin or so, HOWEVER, I have a lot of information on potentionals already and I am very up to date with the 2020-2021...
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    [FP] Fantasyproduction by Arkantos (alias. HoMi)

    I love your kits and use them in Fifa 20. I hope you can/Will make a Feyenoord kit soon too! I don't care if its realistic of fantasy. Thanks for your work! :)