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    Gameplay Mods

    Has anyone had a chance to look into whether or not we'll be able to tweak the gameplay this year? I noticed that there was no cpudiff file. Thanks.
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    .:: 09 Demo Match Explorer & Cinematics Patch ::.

    Thanks MD. Figured it out. Great job as usual!
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    .:: 09 Demo Match Explorer & Cinematics Patch ::.

    The Match Explorer is working....I think. When I advance to start the match I go straight to PK's. Anyone else seen this?
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    i want the original gameplay files of fifa 08 please

    Pull it off the DVD and add it to the folder.
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    FIFA '08 Vs PES 2008

    This is pretty much how I feel. I've played PES up until this year and have probably played 300+ games of FIFA and yes it's very annoying. I recently picked up PES (US Version) and it's annoying as well, but closer to the real thing by light years over FIFA. If your definition of realistic is...
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    Gameplay CEP-club Revolution08

    Downloaded the patch and installed. My biggest gripe with FIFA 08 on the PC is that the CPU only attacks through the middle. 9 out of 10 CPU goals are when a forward dribbles around the CBs and gets off a shot. Wing play is rare in FIFA 08 PC. If someone could create a patch that makes the...
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    newest update?

    I just downloaded this patch and installed it. Amazing work by all of those involved! The site is in German and the servers hosting the files are painfully slow, but it's worth the wait.
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    Updated Rosters?

    Does anyone know where I can find an updated roster for FIFA 07 but not CEP? I want to add stadiums to my database. This cannot be done with the CEP 5.0 update.
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    Smj Patch For Fifa 08

    Thanks for uploading man. Didn't really notice a difference though. Not sure if anything can be done. To put it bluntly, this game (not your mod) just sucks. Boring CPU attacking, no fouls, and pinball football. All of EA's efforts (understandable) have gone into the next gen version...
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    Smj Patch For Fifa 08

    Yeah. This is very annoying. I notice it because I try to keep most of my defenders in the middle because that's the only way the CPU attacks. It really seems as if every CPU goal is from a forward who dribbles around your backline and beats the keeper. Couple that with the fact that the CPU...
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    The CM08 thread

    Another challenge I'm having is using CM 07 with CEP version 5.0 (the one released for FIFA 07). I have loaded the CEP database and made all of the Premier League transfers but they don't show up in the game. I shut down the game and go back into CM07 and load CEP and the transfers are...
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    Smj Patch For Fifa 08

    I tried your gameplay mod and it's pretty good. Here's what I would like to see: Slower player movement. The movements of the players are too jerky. The CPU one touch passes are way too quick to be considered realistic. It's what many call ping pong or pinball football. Other than...
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    NK FOOTBALL © - We're back!

    What I've done recently with the PC version is install the FifaMania Italian Patch. Excellent work and props to all those who contributed. After reading this thread and copying and pasting the above info and adding the common.ini file to the main directory I can say that absolutely...
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    My thoughts on PES 2008 (PC) and FIFA 08 (PC)

    It's not an opinion if you don't know how to play the game. You said that you can't move the keeper. Wrong. You said that you can't curve the ball on free kicks. Wrong. Hardly an opinion.
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    Xbox 360 FIFA 2008 first impressions

    I've played the PC version as well and it blows away the 360 version. Your screenshot is from the PC version. The 360 version is where the problems exist that I was talking about. Thus the name of the thread.