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    FIFA 22 Live Editor

    OK, good to know. But can kits and face textures be modded using the live editor? Edit: I didn't realize the FIFA Editor Tool 22 was finally released. So no worries.
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    FIFA 22 Live Editor

    @Aranaktu thanks for this! Could you give an example of the procedure for editing kit or face textures using the editor? Would they be considered legacy files?
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    FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch™ Legacy Edition (Extract)

    How can this be converted with the FIFA Converter tool?
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    Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]

    FIFA 22 PC with the right sliders has been really good. So I understand lol
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    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    Great kits! Download link for rx3 HD is missing.
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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Looking for the same kits and never get a response about them smh.
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    FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch™ Legacy Edition (Extract)

    Has FIFA 22 Legacy kit numbers been converted?
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    The Wizard's Stadiums - Season 2021/2022 - Mercedes-Benz Arena Update RELEASED

    Can switch stadium files be converted with @tokke001 's tool? I just want West Ham's pitch and pitch exterior updated and am willing to do it myself with some guidance.
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    21/22 Custom faces

    Perfect (Y) . With some edits, you could probably use that hair model for Pogba's new look.
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    Convert faces to FIFA 21

    Can FIFA 22 faces be added to FIFA 21?
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    21/22 Custom faces

    I was under the impression that only one FIFA 14 head model's neck had to be fixed to serve as the base for every other conversion, but maybe I misunderstood. But hopefully @tokke001 can figure out a permanent fix for this neck issue.
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    21/22 Custom faces

    Can the angle at the back of his neck be decreased more? Maybe sculpted more downward closer to a 90 degree angle. And sculpt the rear shoulder area downward/inward. The front is looking good.
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    21/22 Custom faces

    @Lagwagon93 we need your expertise bro. I'm not back at full Blender understanding just yet. You literally just have to edit one FIFA 14 head model to serve as the template. We need you to step up and make this penalty lol
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    21/22 Custom faces

    Would be huge if it works and we have a functioning neck fix template from 14 to 16. Fingers crossed.