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    [online] STOP PICKING BARCELONA!!!!!!

    you should get a better internet connection...duh
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    This game is losing ground---fast!

    The only reason there aren't that many patches so far, is that Fifa on PC is loosing fans. There is a better graphic and more exciting gameplay in three other platforms. I agree Fifa is loosing fans... but only PC fans. On the other hand is gaining **** load of fans for PS3, xbox360 and...
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    Considering FIFA

    In my oppinnion, you just have to know this. If you are buying Fifa 07 to play against computer (AI), dont even bother considering. You will get bored on their scripted and lame gameplay in two weeks or less. If you are buying Fifa 07 to play online, dont even waste more time reading...
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    Direct IP

    I will own you in the EA rooms if you want.
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    First Fifa08 news!

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    Turf question

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    i dont get this

    you think that cause you are an idiot
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    Fifa-Online and Windows Vista

    chill out buddy.. just be patient and wait for fifa 08.. or install windows xp
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    Fifa-Online and Windows Vista

    This is what i did 1. Unistall windows vista 2. Install Windows XP
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    Number of offers in carrer

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    Tell me more about this title for PC...

    Playing manager mode is simply worthless since you play against a scripted AI. It doesn't matter what mod you add or whatever, you will always be significant superior against AI. If you want to really enjoy this game and have competitive matches, just PLAY ONLINE! Thats it.
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    Best Goals In Gif

    WOW...thats SICK!!!! @#%ing great goal dude. Best one I have seen... in style and skill at least.
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    Created club thread

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    Fifa07-the total dissapointment!

    lol... what a noob..."not even a stepover"... you are probably retarded for not being able to do that.