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    F1 Prediction League 2007

    1. Massa 2.Hamilton 3.Alonso 15 more mins to the race, cant wait
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    F1 Prediction League 2007

    1. Massa 2. Alonso 3. Raikkonen
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    F1 Prediction League 2007

    1 Raikkonen 2 Alonso 3 Hamilton
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    Chants for Chelsea

    Evolution patch?
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    Evolution Patch Released

    filefront plz? thx
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    Evolution Patch for PES 6

    it look amazing.. good job :)
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    Worse Games Ever Played

    Club football
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    EA announces Champions League 2006/2007

    yes .. it is a new game.. Hope that the pc version will have next gen graphic
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    UCL: Battle of Britain a.k.a Celtic v Manutd [P]+[R]

    3-0 Manutd Ronaldox2 Rooney
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    [PES6 PC] goal crowd patch by zeus

    thx.. nice patch...
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    HangWoon's Faces

    I like your work dude.. just import it to 0_text right?
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    Anyway to hack the difficulty in ML?

    You cant change it in the half-way negotiation period.. only during off season
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    (Super) Chants by Tommsens

    anyway to make the Chants louder?
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    All 2006/07 Kits & Kitserver

    There is a problem with the kits in my manutd Master league.. help.. the kits all seem destroyed..