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    Tifo For Every Team

    I actually want to know the same. Anybody knows how to? There's a table in rdbm called bannerplayers. Which assigns a playerid to a teamid. These player ID's are the icon players that have a personal tifo. if I assign one to my team it just shows an empty tifo behind the goal. Guess the problem...
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    Adboards & Licenses Patch (ALP)

    Thanks, working flawlessly! So much more immersion with this mod.
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    Adboards & Licenses Patch (ALP)

    Thank you so much for this! but a question regarding the the teams rdbm table. I am in my 10th season already so I want to just change the tables in my save file. What exactly did you change in the teams table? Because the table also holds important data like captainid, freekick takers, amount...
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    Editing Stadium Assets

    Did you ever found a solution? I have the exact same problem. When I change my Salford City stadium to San Mames (ID 388, Athletic Bilbao) it works. whenever I change a texture of it like decals the screen glitches all over the place. Even weirder, when I export the original textures and import...