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    Shadow_Boy32's Faces

    just f**king amaizing pack old friend!!! (Y) greetings ^^
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    Andu'89's Fifa12 Work

    work more in noseholes rest are good :)
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    Cris-9's FaceBook

    good job looks really great even the EA model is horrible you make it looks more better whit your text (Y)
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    Faces By Nahan Nunes Fifa Faces

    agree whit you
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    Faces By Juunior!

    good work more in xpression :)
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    faces by TORNADO

    v2 looks more like carroll's young version make another text whit actually pic :)
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    Face by blaugrana972

    good job looks good in game specially evra (Y)
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    manulukasz [11-12 season]

    its to dificult tell you what fix because we dont see how looks in the model. but watching closely need more work on mouth, chin, nosesides. also the eyebrowns are very low, upload some. :)
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    massl's faces

    in first text the noseholes are too sharpen also need more work on noseedges need to be more bigger also work more in details, details make a perfect face :)
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    Nice mInis man :)
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    Krajcso's face thread 12

    is good man :) R.I.P Simoncelli
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    Face by blaugrana972

    well done man looks really great whit your text :) (Y)
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    ~^@>vegasos face back<&^~

    good try man :) but need more work on model jeje its your face so if you are happy whit your work then is great :) (Y)
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    Juni19 FIFA12 Facethread!!!!!!!!!!!XD

    i know for the moment we cant edit models and just make texts to import into the game so i show you some faces made it in fifa11 models :) Ezequiel "Pocho" Lavezzi (Napoli FC - Argentina NT) hope you like it :)
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    Chill out as Ace is here ;D Fifa Tuning

    Not bad text need more work on colours use better the erase tool fix some details like mouth nose holes and head sides :)