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    PES 2010 chants

    Anybody knows how many chants could be imported for one team in PES2010?
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    Chantspack v1.0/PES 2010 by Gigimarulla

    How many chants can be imported for one team?
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    Kits, Minikits & Related Requests

    Anybody has Debreceni VSC CL minikits, plz?
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    FIFAZone's HLP 10

    HI!It`s great idea!If it contains 2 or 3 leagues, the pat4 will be very and very interesting! HSP 08 and 09 were great! We are working on UPL 10 patch(Ukrainian Premier league) Can u give us Debreceni VSC team in cmp, plz?We can give u Dynamo or Shakhtar if u want) Koszonom!Hajra Ujpest!
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    Hungarian Super Patch 09 WITH roster and gameplay

    Thanks a lot!Great Patch!
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    NT in manager mode?

    I think it`s impossible.If only create a league with national teams,including different cups and competitions.But the problem is - transfer market.
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    HD ready kit thread

    Amazing kits!Thank`s snoppf1!
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    The 3LP-Thread

    Danke schon! Thanks a lot!
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    Cinematics Patch 09

    Outsider 87,I`m sure that it will be a great patch!Thank you!
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    HD ready kit thread

    snoppf1,can u make Annorthosis kits with their sponsor please?I wish to use them in my patch 2.0,if u allow
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    Improve Patch Demo 09 by FifaMania

    Great work!Thanks a lot!
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    Commentary Link

    Hungarian commentaries,please?Anybody has a link?