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    EEP 21

    Hi, I just tried this version and it seems there are errors. What I encountered: - When started a career (as a player), regardless of which menu I choose (Squad Hub or Player Actions) the game crashes. - When I load the squads in the main menu and go into edit player a lot of empty players are...
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    FIFA Editing Tool 21

    Hi, I'm trying to export/export the jerseyfonts in order to have different fonts for European cup games. I managed to do this with the number textures but not with the jerseyfonts. Am I doing something wrong or isn't it yet possible? And if it's not possible when do you think this will become...
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    FIFA 21 Cheat Table

    Can you add the possibility to change the name and number type font? This would be very useful for playing in European competitions with teams that don't have an European font (e.g. Arsenal and Man Utd). Thanks!
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    royalbluesupporter'S Faces & Face-Edit

    Hi @royalbluesupporter, thank you very much for the great faces. The links are dead, could you please provide new ones? Thank you!
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    paulv2k4 FIFA 20 Mods

    Do I need to have a specific squad file when using the AIO patch or can I just use the most up to date roster from EA?
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    SGT Kim's Face

    This one as well seems to be broken. :)
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    SGT Kim's Face

    Wauw great! Really enjoy your work. It seems that this link has been broken. Can you by any chance reupload it somewhere?
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    Mate when will this Juventus mod become available? I will become a patreon once I know I can download it. Thank you!
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    FIFA 20 Live Editor

    Is it possible to change Juventus name and add their kits using the live editor/cheat engine?
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    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Hi @riesscar, as far as I can see you did already create the fonts right? (Page 42 <a href="">Riesscar's Modest Mods</a> Or aren't you referring to this? Other than that, I understand what you are...
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    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Hi @riesscar First of all, thank you for the great work. I am trying to fix the Arsenal European numbers. I imported the competitionkits and teamkits from AIO 9.2 and I changed the fontnumber to 145 however, still the Premier League numbers are used. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!