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    Best finishers of the last decade

    Him The wolf town legend stevie stevie bull!!
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    juve punishment

    What do you think of the juve punishment the relegated a division and -30 points to start with? Is it too harsh? or do they deserve it? Do corrupt clubs deserve it?
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    hes right have to pay both clubs so if u payed 25 mil euros to 1 club youd ahve to pay 25 mil euros to other club aswel so thats 50 milion uros
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    Juves punishment harsh or fair?

    Do you think Juves Punishment was too harsh? maybe they deserve it maybe they dont? post your opinions on this thread
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    Financial Crisis..

    opinion i wudnt pay more than 100k a week for any player in the world on that game
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    naa btw its lebohang mokoena its rarely visited even one of the mods for that board told me to move it cuz u woh get no answers
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    answer it was in a message board which was not very often visited. You got any players to list?
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    Post all your youngsters here!!! iv got 3 myself aldo andres jara kwabena agouda apula bete
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    right hi i think you all know me by now im klaus but this time im inter milan and only have a 6.75 milion budget any players or tacticts you can hlep me out with?
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    looking for a young CB and RB with potential...

    player aythami i think thats the right spelling
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    Sporting clube de portugal help needed

    thanks for that check out ym young players thread post some on there if u dont mind
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    Young Stars Thread

    bete NAME:Apula bete POSITION:GK AGE:19 NATIONALITY:armenian CLUB:pyunik VALUE (that they will sell at):200k DATABASE SIZE:normal or higher COMMENTS:the future buffon easy
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    Young Stars Thread

    jara NAME:aldo andres jara POSITION:amc or up front AGE:21 NATIONALITY:not sure CLUB:fogot that aswel VALUE (that they will sell at):250k DATABASE SIZE:normal or bigger COMMENTS:scores more than van nistelroy in the first season absalute wonderkid if youv got an alright or good or...
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    Young Stars Thread

    Kwabena Agouda NAME:Kwabena Agouda POSITION:Attacking left right and up front AGE:20 i think NATIONALITY: he might be ghana im not sure CLUB: st gallen VALUE (that they will sell at):differs between 250k 400k or 1 mil depending on his value DATABASE SIZE:any COMMENTS:young wonderkid...
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    Young Stars Thread

    NAME: POSITION: AGE: NATIONALITY: CLUB: VALUE (that they will sell at): DATABASE SIZE: COMMENTS: Add all your young players here! together we can find the little devils! Just copy and paste the table above and fill out all the stuff like name age and the stuff.