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    Developing A Formula For Rating Retired Players

    Hi guys, Anyone interested in this project? I have a working Excel formula in development for determining a retired player's overall rating out of 100. What I mean exactly by "overall rating" is sort of like a power score; the player's overall accomplishments during his football career...
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 16 GP & Career Mod

    Good luck Paul! Speaking as a dad of twin boys, you're going to need it!! Tip: Dip the pacifier in Brandy. They'll sleep for hours.
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    What Has Happened This Year?

    I see the rules at the top of the forum. Does anyone actually read rules before posting in forums? Haha I don't even read the instructions to s**t I cook. I just rip the packaging open, throw it in the microwave and nuke it until the smoke alarm goes off.
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    What Has Happened This Year?

    When you go into a store, do you spend 30 minutes looking around for the item that you're after or do you ask the nearest customer assistant? If anyone comes in here and says they've never asked for help anywhere then they're lying. The beast of a website that is Stack Overflow makes it...
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    What Has Happened This Year?

    The point on pirating is a good one. Personally, I think a franchise such as FIFA with games released every year will always suffer a lapse at some point. I picked up 15 late and I was half-way through editing when 16 was released. I personally don't feel like I've got my money's worth out...
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    Paulv2k4 FIFA 16 GP & Career Mod

    Playing this in FIFA 15 and it plays like a charm. Not sure what the product.ini is for though? Playing resolutely in Be a Pro mode. More shots are definitely being taken from outside the area, not just first time ones either. Passing is fairly woeful although I'm playing using players...
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    So, how does this actually work then? I'm gathering data from transfermarkt, exporting the tabs and then importing into DB Master and I get error "cannot import this table"
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    CM15 and Other Tools

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    UM's Banners

    Very nice work UM! Your work improve the gaming experience of many users!
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    Great stuff celtian. I can make a league and teams very quickly and then open it up in CM to polish everything off. Very nice idea!
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    Hi iard, I get an error when I use this: "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime"
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    Transfer My Career Mode

    Pretty sure it's impossible. You would need to convert the files to PS4 format somehow and I don't think software like that exists.
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    Vanarama National League

    Would be interesting to see how adding regional leagues would work in game. How would you keep the balance in the leagues? If 3 Southern teams are relegated and only 1 Northern team, how is the balance kept? I envisage you can add teams to a pool for certain leagues so keeping Northern...
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    Paulv2k4's FIFA 15 GP Mod

    PARG looks interesting. I'd play it.