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    American Fifa 06 impressions

    I'll be picking it up tommorow on my way home from work. I'll play it for a while, then post some impressions. Up to this point, I've been a WE guy, but seeing as I have no clue when the WE game is coming out for the 360, I'm gonna try FIFA till then. It looks good, sounds pretty good...
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    Small nations clubs in We/PE series

    well, since theres 128 teams in the next version, its possible that they made include some smaller clubs...I know that the Eredivisie is gonna be completely represented...but theres hope for some of the smaller eastern european clubs that you mentioned, especially if they've played in the CL
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    Somethign awesome I just realized!!!

    he said the ball was headed to his keeper, who then shot the ball and it banked in off the post
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    Ste's Kit Thread

    sepakbola, i posted the mls kits in a thread a little further down (or the web pages at least) that said, Ste, your Fire kits are incredible.....good job
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    Desperatley need your help!

    nobody can send you those files cuz thats warez, so dont even ask for them also, you dont apply a konami patch to WE7:I....those patches were for PES3 PC....why did you apply them? WE7:I is already a patched screwed up the game, thats why it doesnt work
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    Pes 4

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    MLS Kits here

    I just thought I post a link to where you can find these kits as I know there are probably a bunch of people that want them... big props to Naples39 and blubblub
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    SoccerGaming FTP Corner

    some people are just gimmee, gimmee, gimmee :rolleyes:
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    Converting team/player info

    you choose load database, you use the most current weditor publicbeta329
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    Converting team/player info

    you have to load the option file as a database in Weditor
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    W11W Club Edition v1 Enhanced for Jap Rip and DVD-FULL Jap Commentary

    it wasnt dropped due to lack of interest....its being delayed because there are a bunch of people having problems with the version out now
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    how can i run winnign eleven on my pc?

    thats warez, you can be better delete your post immediately
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    Brazilian League

    sounds great, but not for us PC users :(
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    EA: Approaching it wrongly every year.

    they're hardly using the hitstick feature as a selling point....try drastically improved franchise mode, better player models, and smarter DB AI
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    Combining Patches?

    well, the Wendetta database updates the rosters and replaces West Ham with Middlesbrough, and WE/PES United with Sampdoria and Stuttgart when you're extracting the teams, you're saving them as wtd files right? also, when you import your base database...