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    Uefa europa league scoreboard

    1. Im not your "bro" ok ? 2. This is not answer for my question. 3. If you dont have somethink smart to say, please stay silent ok ? 4. If you dont want help me, just dont do this and stop writing stupid, no needed posts! Bye
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    DrDoooMuk Adboards for Fifa 12

    nice job! Can you do the uefa europa league adboards ?
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    Uefa europa league scoreboard

    Hello! I need Uefa europa league scoreboard in 4:3 format, because all europa league scoreboards what im find is in 16:9 format but i have monitor in 4:3 format and scoreboards in 16:9 format is not good work. Anyone can help me ? Thanks!
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    Scoreboards by mipoc - H@H@H@

    Hello Mipoc! Can you do the europa league tv4 scoreboard in 4:3 Format ? because i have monitor in 4:3 format and this scoreboard is in 16:9 format and not good work in my fifa. Thanks Witam! Mipoc mógłbys zrobić scoreboard TV4 Europa League w formacie 4:3 ? Ten jest chyba w 16:9 a...
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    Uefa europa league 11/12 adboards

    mh25 really thanks for the help but im resolve my problem. im install net framework 4.0, then dxslim and now texture editor its work. now i have eurpa league adboards and its great.
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    Uefa europa league 11/12 adboards

    ok thanks but this is only texture. Its good but my texture editor v.0.5 is not work in my windows 7 64 bit. Do you have any solutions ? thanks
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    Uefa europa league 11/12 adboards

    Hi to all ! I must have the uefa europa league adboards for fifa 12. I cant find it anywhere. Can anyone upload here this adboards or get me a link or do this adboards for me or somethink like this ? Thanks a lot !
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    .:: Damien's FIFA 12 Graphics ::.

    Hi Damien your Champions League Adboards is perfect but can you do the same adboards for Europa League ? Because i can't find it anywhere ;(
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    Demo Impressions

    I love you too. PLease dont nervous. "mate" thats only my imressions...This thread is for this yeah?
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    Demo Impressions

    This new games like pes 2012 and fifa 12 is fuc.king This games have nothing from real football.This is BORING, PLASTICS, Robo games. Guys form EA and KONAMI is cheating you... I play in PES 2 on psx emulator and i dont have a problem with boring. this game is the best:bob:
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    FIFA 11 World Cup Patch RELEASED !! - FIFA EDITING

    NIce. Finally crashes is resolved. Downloading. When you plan release official update with new gameplay and retextured stadium ?
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    Fifa world cup 2010

    I played japan vs korea republic on stadium europa and game crash too.
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    Cep 11

    No conflict, but you must install fifa ea updates first then install CEP patch, and you must delete squads from my documents/Fifa 11 folder.
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    Fifa world cup 2010

    good news, we wait for a update.