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    WC Quarter-Finals: England vs Portugal [P]+[R]

    Kayceeg2, can you spell potatoes in singular form?
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    European Dominance

    Well Greece didn't win with fluky goals or with questionable decisions. They won by playing like a whole. People did underestimate us, but when a team like Portugal can't beat Greece on 3 occasions at HOME (there was a friendly played in 2003, greece drew 1-1 with a man down) Scolara knew what...
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    WC Semi-Finals: GERMANY - ITALY {P+R}

    they got some ****ti goals in the first 10 minutes then larson failed to convert a penalty which would have given the momentum to Sweden would have put pressure on Germany to hold onto a not so comfortable lead... seemed kinda lucky to me.
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    Italy eliminated ..... ha ha ha ha

    Helmut Kohl.... the very same Helmut Kohl who killed my donkey????
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    WC Quarter-Finals: England vs Portugal [P]+[R]

    I'm surprised Rooney would push his man u teammate CR. Imagine what it'll be like when they see each other again on the training ground... I'm anticipating quite the showdown.
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    Feet are killing me after wearing new cleats

    get smaller shoes, get them a size smaller than your actual foot size so your foot doesn't move to much inside your shoes. That's what I've been told to do, I just haven't gotten around to it. Get back to me and tell me if it works.
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    WC Quarter-Final: Brasil - France {P & R}

    I think half the world lost its money on Brazil to win the world cup just now. Great solid performance from France, a la Greque I see. France are fast on the counters, portugal better be careful not to commit too many men forward like Spain and Brazil.
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    Worst Cheats in World Cup 2006? just a terrible challenge, he slid in before Grosso did anything and grosso had to walk over him in order to get the ball and that's where he get tripped up. Basically he was obstructed even if he was tripped. You can see contact with...
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    Saw III - Oh yes, there will be more blood!

    ZOMG, is it just me or is anyone else tired of trequels? I'd rather they put out something more original. All they ever come out with is remakes, sequels, movies based on popular tv shows and movies based on books. The ones based on books are good, aside from that the rest are crap.
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    Fifa06 vs PES5

    Having played both games at my friends, I must say they're both pretty crappy. Konami sucks because it doesn't have any licenses and you must rely on modders to get your game fixed which is really annoying. both are easily modded, however FIFA doesn't limit you, you can edit everything in...
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    Transformers 7.4.7

    I never knew the transformers were from mars. Robots on mars bent on destroying the world... works for me. My new standards for movies are much lower than the use to be, this is like the fat chick of movies. Imagine if some people actually line up for this like the star wars movie from weeks...
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    WC Quarter-Final: Italy v. Ukraine {P & R}

    I though Sheva was the one that fouled. Anyways, he just split 2 defenders with 180 spin. Then he cooly did a 1-2 with like 5 italians around him and his teammate, which didn't work since he fouled the italian defender as he tried latching on to the ball. Atleast I thought he fouled the...
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    The Armenian-Pontian-Assyrian Genocide of WWI

    why don't we just forget about the holocaust while were at it, if its ages ago that means its ok to forget about it. Especially those genocides, that happened less than 100 years ago. The genocides are real, they are factual and the fact that some of you guys just simply say they did not...
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    Worst Cheats in World Cup 2006?

    BTW about guys who rollover... most players do it so they don't hit ground hard. Rolling actually help reduce the impact of the fall. However the ones pretending to be hurt is a diver. But the Italy-Aussie was won with an actual penalty. Grosso did win the penalty since he was in a sense...
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    WC Quarter-Final: Germany - Argentina {P & R}

    do you mean sore... poor would imply you sympathize with them.