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    Downloads Centre Working Again

    Hi guys, A quick note to let you know that the Soccer Gaming Downloads Centre is working again. We'd love to list your downloads so be sure to upload them using our "Submit A Download" link:
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    FIFA 09 Screenshots Thread

    What do you expect? They have obviously taken the graphics on that console to their limit. If you want better, upgrade your console.
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    FIFA 09 Screenshots Thread

    Just trying to structure things as there is a lot of FIFA 09 information being released today. I did not want to see 1000 threads started about the same thing.
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    FIFA 09 Screenshots Thread

    All FIFA 09 screenshots and discussion is to be carried out in this thread. First FIFA 09 Xbox 360 / PS3 Screenshots: First FIFA 09 PS2 Screenshots:
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    FIFA 09 PC will be Next-Gen Style Graphics

    Let the rebirth of the FIFA PC community begin... Direct link to Press Release:
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    Referees and Linesman back in FIFA 09

    Read about it in this interview with FIFA 09 Xbox 360 and PS3 Producer, Dave Rutter:
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    The PES-Winning Eleven Forum is dead

    Send me a PM if you're interested in becoming a Mod of that forum.
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    Bring back the old smilies!

    Fixed (Y)
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    Bring back the old smilies!

    All fixed. Sorry about the delay.
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    Bring back the old smilies!

    50% of the smilies were broken. If anyone wants to post the smilies they want used along with their shortcut text please do so. I'll ensure they are installed.
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    Euro 2008 bug

    Sounds like someone has downloaded the game off the net and some kit textures were missing. Please don't talk about illegally downloaded games here.
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    Fixed :)
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    Any Bloggers here?

    Interested in becoming a contributor to the internet's newest video games blog? Reply to this email, and tell us why you're like to join A Game Network - We are looking for talented and and enthusiastic bloggers who want to share their knowledge and opinions of...
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    New Player Ratings/Attributes

    Instead of ripping them a new one, why didn't you participate in their research program and assist?