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    PC WE9 Liveware Evolution (korean) Simply Fantastic Gameplay!!!

    thanks for the link! Btw, I´ve played pes/we since 2001 and I can say without a doubt WE9LE is the masterpiese as of today when it comes to football games. That is if you want a good simulator and not an arcade kiddie game.
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    PC WE9 Liveware Evolution (korean) Simply Fantastic Gameplay!!!

    Like I said in my previous replies, those that are not hardcore to the game might not see the changes. But for those who are its a very new game or you actually got pes5 by mistake. I feel sad for those that cannot see the changes caus damn it´s good:) I´m really having a tough time against...
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    PC WE9 Liveware Evolution (korean) Simply Fantastic Gameplay!!!

    Having played this alot now, and enjoying it alot more than any other pes/we in existance. Like I said in my earlier replies, people that are not hardcore at this might not notice alot changes. And by looking at the people complaining I rest my case. It gets better and better for me. As for...
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    Crouch showing his creativity against Trinidad For those that haven´t seen his excellent creativity in all kinds of situations. Maradona bow to the new king.
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    WC Group B: Trinidad and Tobago vs Sweden

    I watched this game then I played WE liveware, and noticed I copied the sucky play Sweden had. I started to lose everygame now lol. Will only watch good teams from now on so my WE skills don´t suffer. Also the odds that Sweden will win against Paraguay is 8% considering their last...
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    PC WE9 Liveware Evolution (korean) Simply Fantastic Gameplay!!!

    the major difference that makes me most happy I would say is the AI which makes decisions alot faster, and turns etc. I don´t have a easytime anymore, when I predict their moves most of times I can´t take the ball caus they are faster in turning away. The other big one would be it feels like the...
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    Video compilation of Ibrahima Yattara (Ronaldinho of the Turkish League)

    He´s good at dribble, but there must be a reason why the bigger clubs don´t care about him. Could be his final touches. Or maybe he´s not got enough strength to meet the big boys.
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    PC WE9 Liveware Evolution (korean) Simply Fantastic Gameplay!!!

    impressed I had recently got tired of PES5 making it to serie a in first season with a crap team wasn´t very funny. And also knowing the patterns cpu did over and over again and slowly. Then this beast arrives, just lost 3-2! where I was in lead with 2-0 never happened in PES5 sure I had 2...
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    SEPAKBOLA10's RealismGalore V2.0 - 05/06 Phoenix Based

    yupp, Since 1.0 I did import para_w8, and also imported the one that followed with the package to be sure. I tried to do new saves in master league which used to work with we2002 heh. Edit: Problem most likely solved, thought I didn´t have to create a new master league :rolleyes: Well...
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    SEPAKBOLA10's RealismGalore V2.0 - 05/06 Phoenix Based

    Tried it and it seems to be improved indeed, Seems a bit harder now but I haven´t tested it that much yet. I started to win bit too much with your old one:) Downside is that seems like it reverted back all old player names and national names. Doesnt make much sense since it made no difference...
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    Sepakbola10 RealismGalore V1.0 Gameplay Patch!

    I tried this one alot now, and its awesome. I can enjoy PES4 again. The slow speed seems to create a more dynamic gameplay for me atleast. Drawback is thou I seem to win with 3-5goals more now if I do 1-2 goals quickly at beginning. I dont know if you should increase the speed that much or...
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    Scandinavian PES4 PC players

    Im already there! Sweden here btw
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    PES4 Ridiculously Easy

    I agree, I find PES 4 much harder aswell. PES 3 was never a challenge more of a soothing experience. :rolleyes:
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    PES4 Ridiculously Easy

    Playing Pes 3 with 5 stars in master league was a breeze I remember, and I never had any famous players. So PES 4 Demo came , somewhat harder to create chances but easier to keep the ball. PES 4 is too easy if you play national teams that are equal to each other enough said. The dribble...
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    Is Anyone Doing A Grass Patch ?

    if you mean the texture grass file with stripes, its number 10 in stadiums, do a search for stw first then scroll up and you will find it.