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    National Teams (HD Adboards)...

    Thanks great job!!! What about Scotland and Wales national adboards?
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    Mods and Patches Related Questions and Answers Thread

    Hi to everyone! I dowloaded the EURO 2020 - COPA AMERICA 2021 patch. How I can remove animated adboards and have only static ones? Thanks
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    RHZH's work

    Hi mate! What about these MLS scoreboards? Thanks
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    The Wizard's Stadiums - Stadion an der Hafenstraße Update RELEASE

    Thanks a lot... but the link is broken...
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    Graphics Derbyoflove

    Thanks great work!! Did you make also UCL overlays and scoreboards?
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    FIFA 16 Face

    Great faces! What about also Japan and Australia faces? Thanks
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    Saleh N

    Thanks a lot!!! Wonderful stadiums!!! What about Gent Stadium? I did not found it.
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    Saleh N

    Thanks a lot!! Wonderful french and dutch stadiums!!! Hope more to follow...
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    Stadium Requests Thread

    Hi!! Anybody knows if there is available new Ferenc Puskas Stadium for FIFA 16?
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    saul.silva's stadiums

    Top stadiums as ever!!! Thanks
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    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Anyone has in schedule to do new Serie A fonts and kitnumbers?
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    Kits Nobody Wants by makispla

    Great EFL kits!!! Simply amazing!! Thanks a lot
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    Kits Nobody Wants by makispla

    I hope you can consider to stay are one of the best kitmakers ever seen for fifa games. For now I would thank you for time you spent and passion you showed with your excellent work. You're right to be annoyed but I hope you can resist and continue enjoying with your kits. Fifa modding...
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V5.2 (21/22 Edition)

    Thank you very much!!! Your patches are the best ever for FIFA games!!! And FIFA 16 is alive!!!
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    Ajax_1995 Kits

    Awesome kits!!! Thanks!!! Can you make also new italy home kit please?