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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Shoot! this game is great and definitely feeling it. I have not bought the last 2 FIFA(s) but this game I definitely feel.
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    First UEFA EURO 2008 footage in Next-gen! (Weather is in) ;)

    Unfricken believable! great game! and dare I say, the best football game I have ever played, it is faster, way more exciting and just fun as hell to play! The graphics are much better! This is a definite buy. I was just blown away by this demo! Put this game on "broadcast" camera and you will...
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    UEFA EURO 2008 Demo

    Great game!
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    OperationSports Fifa 08 Review We have just posted our FIFA Soccer 08 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it. "It’s not often that a developer that holds the upper hand in licensing plays the underdog role in a battle for console...
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    FIFA '08 Vs PES 2008

    If that's your definition of what a sim is or isn't tells me you have no clue what a sim is.
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    Why this year crappy PES gets high in reviews?

    why do you keep changing the argument, now it's realism,? I am talking about next gen, that's that and every reviewer who love PES say IT'S NOT NEXT GEN. You can't argue that because PES still belongs on current gen.
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    Why this year crappy PES gets high in reviews?

    "That's because you are looking at it through tears from knowing deep down that fifa still sucks and winning eleven is the real deal. Calm down, stop crying, then look at it again with clear eyes, and you'll see the light." You people are a trip, you people act like you made the game...
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    Why this year crappy PES gets high in reviews?

    I agree with you wholeheartedly even though I love this game it obviously apparent that Konami could not give a rats a-- about its customers, they are still being cheap and doing very little work on this game, you ask me how do I know? just look at the game, it is obvious they are still using...
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    OK here is my problem...

    Thanks for the compliment and YES! IMO it is relatively the same. This game is great and hella fun but it still carries over its shortscoming from last season and the season after that so fourth which in my mind is high unacceptible. The gameplay at times is too fast and it is still too easy...
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    OK here is my problem...

    As far as I know you can hook your pc monitor to the 360
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    OK here is my problem...

    Heck ya! Next Gen is the way to go, my 360 does so much, I have it hooked up to my PC records television, streams videos etc...Microsoft Zune is pretty cool to have also. What I love about the 360 as opposed to the PS3 is that you can buy the add ons later rather them throw it all at ya and...
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    PES 2008 demo impression

    best looking???? hmmmmm?....EA NHL does a pretty great job and they are fefinitely next gen, so does MLB 2K7 AND TO BE HONEST NFL 2K on the current gen looks the same as PES, hi-res cutouts. It looks dated because it is still basically a PS2 port with hi res graphics. PES should be ashamed of...
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    OK here is my problem...

    Well that's a difficult question because PRO EVO is just soooooooo much fun BUT the gameplay has hardly changed so I don't see the point in buying PES 2008 other than updated rosters but now option files does all that now. Both definitely have their own charm. PRO EVO is like playing a high...
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    Scoring too easy? Getting High scores?

    I thought I was the only one with this gripe BUT I heard that the demo is only 40% of the final game.
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    Stop the FIFA vs PES bickering

    Trying to compare these two games is like comparing apples and oranges, these are two distinct animals. PES does things better than FIFA and vice versa, it is clear FIFA is a true sim of the sport in terms of build up in offensive and defensive strategy where as PES is a more deeper arcade...