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    My tips for World Cup 2002 (BIG)

    Really a helpful post....
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    New player faces !!!

    Paint shop pro is good for faces and kits....
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    Socceroo's Kit (My First Kit)

    Thanks for sharing your kit...
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    How do you guys feel about fifa2004 2nd vedio?

    Great news....thanks for sharing it...
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    Looks like we'll having trainingskits

    Thats kool skiptomylou....i liked your post...
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    initial impressions of PES3 for PC

    I agree with THECRO
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    drills for improving dribbling/ball handling?

    You can try this site for improving your skills:
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    FIFA 2005 Online Is Live!

    Nice design of the site....
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    FIFA vs PES/WE - The real deal - GAMEPLAY!!!

    Great post.....
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    Can the experts give me tips?

    Reply: Through ball:In soccer, a forward attacking pass that travels through a group of opposing players to reach a teammate. Trigger Run:In real soccer the ball holder can order other players to run, that's how they could rarefaction defenses. One-two pass:The one two pass ensures that the...