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    [WIP] Women's Superleague Addon

    Can be extracted tables from Fifa 16 squads (they are in the form of data files in Skoczek FIFA
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    [WIP] Women's Superleague Addon

    If you need, i can upload all the archive in mediafire i think, even to split in 2 parts for max. 2 gb convenient upload limit!!!
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    Fifa 21 mod season 21/22

    I dont know which EA update you want and which update from Iturbe contains those update!!!
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    [WIP] Women's Superleague Addon

    Here it is some woman heads:
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    Fifa 21 mod season 21/22

    Here is IMS Mod from 7 January 2022: . Hope it helps!!! Please download ASAP!!!
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    FIFA 22 IDs

    Skoczek, it looks like a table made by me some time ago, it is really comforting (some kind of smooth furbished) to see that the work is appreciated and improved!!!
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    FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch™ Legacy Edition (Extract)

    Yes, I have!!! Here it is: Probably I will delete the link after a week, if I need to upload something else!!!
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    [WIP] Women's Superleague Addon

    From Game\dlc\dlc_FootballCompEng\dlc\FootballCompEng\data open simsettings and modified these lines for injuries and no cards : [CARD] MAX_CARDS = 1 // Max number of cards in a game PERC_CHANCE = 10 // Chance of a yellow card in the game PERC_DROP = 18...
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    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    26/7 on sofifa is actually 25 from ea sports, it is (good to) known that often, the two dates dont correspond!!!
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    [WIP] Women's Superleague Addon

    I will send PM the my so called "ALL MINIMALIST DB FILES" in which we will have all the minimalist file you need to open CM14\15 with no errors!!! With this file you will have only 2 teams playable!!!
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    National Teams Mod by Ovide

    You can use Fifa14_File_Loader_1.0.3.3_Full_Jenkey1002 from which you can make a lot of folders with different stadiums: egs. after you play the first 2 games in Pocitos & Gran Parque, then go to windows (not closing Fifa 14) and activate Centenario through Fifa14_File_Loader!!!
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    Skoczek's FIFA 07 "Remaster" continued

    With this BIG Explorer we can find any player with name & id? Because, in FM [mini]faces packs are only ids!!!
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    Fortunately or not, is the site that "rules" the world of football today, although in terms of transfer amounts, & (not available to us mere mortals, though) are taken into account!!!
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    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    If its not too late, here it is:
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    FIFA dbs since FIFA 98 (download)

    What tool did you try?