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    Base Model Suggestions Thread

    Janderson = Quaison Rafael Sobis = Latza Aaron Martin = Arrascaeta Zé Rafael = Hack
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    SGT Kim's Face

    Wow, very needed face. Very well done also!
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    SGT Kim's Face

    Great Start! Can you please make a a facemaking tutorial?
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    Callum's faces

    Please brow, release a tutorial... You make fast and quality faces!
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    SGT Kim's Face

    Fantastic work on both!
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    aurion17's FIFA 20 Faces

    Magnificent! Keep it up bro!
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    KST FIFA faces

    Best version that I have seen around!
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    Fantastic! It will be fantastic if you can convert another faces from generic players like Martinelli, Saka, Gervinho, etc... 85+ potential also!
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    D-Tunez FIFA 20 Faces

    Great start, bro!
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    Callum's faces

    Love your conversions, bro. If you're able to create a tutorial, would be very useful for guys like me who wants to start or get back to 'facemaking'
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    Callum's faces

    Awesome work, bro! Can you convert David Neres and Malcom from PES?
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    Faces by Junior

    Can you make a face tutorial for us? I'm really excited to get back to face edition...
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    Faces by Junior

    WOW! Fantastic work, bro. Can you try Pedrinho, Cassio and Fagner?
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    Faces by Junior

    You can convert Malcom, his face is awesome!
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    APasZ Faces

    Great works, bro! Keep it up! Can you please make a conversion tutorial?