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    FIFA 11 PC accomplishments

    No news from Mouta?
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    Close this forum

    WHO was it?
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    I'm gonna be a Dad!

    May be...
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    Carlos Mouta

    The rumour says Mouta plads PES. Hr Got older...and wiser. BTW: How are you Mouta?
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    For all who was cheated

    Hello how r u? How do we find Mouta...
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    Basically the best

    Hello Mouta how are you? Soon my son will take over muahahah
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    Basically the best

    You all need to know that the legend is still here.
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    Updated Transfers Patch for Online Play

    Is this the real Mouta from the PES sucks days? Let me know.
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    Finally found how to play ip to ip lag free.

    Hello how are you? Muaha........:rd::read::puke::blah::eek:
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    I'm gonna be a Dad!

    Do you see the irony? If not buy some glasses.:clapwap::bob::33vff3o:(Y)
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    I'm gonna be a Dad!

    Yes idiot.
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    PES 2012 Demo

    The game is perfect. Dont forget the legend.
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    Special Controls in ISS PE 2

    Wow thanx mate.