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    Fifa Street 2

    u kno what, i recon fifa street should look at sum nike ads and get sum real street players to come make the game, i think we would see vast improvements in the gameplay
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    UEFACL replay in .gif - which is the best goal?

    lol, if there is one thing we know about this guy is that he loves his bloopers and freekicks!!!
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    Can Some one Plz

    yeah sry m8
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    Look Here Every1

    how about if they have kits make them good!!! stadiums, they should make them picture perfect, ea have all the stuff they need to do so so why not!!! more national teams more options in career eg. national coach, national selection etc (thanks falco fer ideas) and finally longer and better...
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    Buying Fifa 2006 Only If...

    yeah, graphics have come to a dead end too, start the game from scratch again, lyk 2003, but i dont hintk 2003 really did start from scratch
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    F.C. Barcelona Thread [2004-2005]

    SWP? i xavi has praised him alot and he is a quality player, i reckon we could definitely have him put to use at the nou camp
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    Can Some one Plz

    Can some one plz make me stadiu australia fer fifa, go to fer virtual tour etc. if ne one can plz i would luv it thanks
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    Future Funk Squad-Lyrics

    brittish rap, what can u say?
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    .::Vladinho Face Thread::.

    try making finer i dont kno what it is but the quality lyk the faces look pixelated lyk their on gameboy, try and improve that and ur perfect!!!
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    .::Vladinho Face Thread::.

    man those r awesome i dont even kno how to do them, but i kno how hard it is to make a kit and faces require alot more technique and time i am sure (wtf?) so great job m8!!SUPERBO!!! (thanks gus fer helping me learn spanish)
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    EA do this please!

    yeah that suks a million, i always wanted to see what edgar davids woujld be lyk as a keeper, in 2002 i put him as it always got chipped!!! lol
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    EA do this please!

    National Selection!!!!!
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    Cup finals

    amen to all above
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    Request Balls, Boots, Adboards, Etc. Here!!!

    can some one please make me Telstra stadium, (stadium australia), to replace olympic stadium for fifa 2005