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    Converting faces to FIFA 14

    Actually Ryan Mendes was not made by me, I just shared it
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    pao4ever's now and then creations

    here's the final result
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    pao4ever's now and then creations

    Of course mate After a whole day of working the bloody UV, I've managed to turn the X Speedflow.1 into working with the X+ textures! Means that now a little tweaking with the texture and we can have all the .1 versions
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    21/22 Custom faces

    I know I'll sound cynic and maybe irritaning, but as I've said many times before, more or less @Dmitri has managed to convert all of EA's faces and we're pretty much overdosed with 22 PC faces. The one and only thing we're lacking (and Dmitri is strangely quiet about it) are BOOTS! Cause we can...
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    21/22 Custom faces

    Why are you using retopo? Retopo is used when you want to simplify a high-poly mesh, basically
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    Zoran fantasy kits for fifa 16

    Hey brother, could you also please convert Anorthosis' kits? Thanks in advance
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    FIFA Converter (Models & Textures)

    That's a known issue, that's why I keep converting the old way
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    21/22 Custom faces

    you don't have to make a model directly in .fbx format. in blender you have the option to export an .rx3 mesh as .fbx or more file formats. not export with the script, just through the software's menu
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    The 94/95 Total Conversion!

    Maybe this mod could be implemented in the CP16
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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 16 v1.4

    I have a big issue. I can't play any match after the group stage for the WC 1998
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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    something to ease your pain maybe, brother
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    RD86 Boots

    If you're gonna use this as a general coeff, you gotta reduce the transparency to at least 50%, otherwise the boot will look like it's made out of fabric
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    FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16
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    FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16

    Since you're asking so nicely, I'll upload them asap