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    Estádio da Luz for FIFA 13 by Brothers Workshop

    after installing MW Patch I installed the that the issue? I did so.First installed the MW patch,then I installed the stadium.I regenerated by Fifa13 i68Regenerator UL 3.2.0
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    Estádio da Luz for FIFA 13 by Brothers Workshop

    installed as described,though having issues like shown on the screenshots above.what's my mistake?running fifa 13 1.6 and the latest moddingway patch
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    Scoreboards and Popups by FifaMan017

    fantastitc.but,please,create a 16:9 version of the german bundesliga scoreboard
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    Scoreboards and Popups by FifaMan017

    nice ones.what about the german bundesliga ones?any plans on creating them?
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    Evolution's Scoreboard & Pop Up Edits

    cool,awesome,mate. any news about the german bundesliga scoreboards?
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    Svence Stadiums Thread

    nope,that didn't do the trick either :(
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    Svence Stadiums Thread

    yeah,I know.I read the instructions properly and installed the stadium for modified database.but it doesn't work for me for some weird reason...
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    Svence Stadiums Thread

    hello, thanks for this awesome stadiums and all the others you will create and release.really superb! unfortunately I got a problem when installing the goodison park. running the moddingway patch 1.0 at the moment on fifa 13 1.5. but when installing the stadium,the moddingway patch seems to be...
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    EVOLUTION-Patch 1.3 - That's Evolution! - Download & Support

    It took some time, but i wanted to bring this to a good ending. We fixed all known bugs. This time, the ML bug is really fixed. It has been a problem caused by the OF... However, here it is: EVOLUTION-Patch version 1.3. And we hope this is the last one (for this season maybe). We hope you enjoy...
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    PES 6 Evolution Patch 2.0

    we are working on an update,including hd logos and so on and squads
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    Evolution Patch Released

    no,sorry,doesnt work online,cause db hasn't been changed player stats are smoothly changed for some players in of