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    HoppyJoe's Faces

    great work on Wendell! I teally like your recent work
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    Halilyc's Faces

    wow amazing work on your latest faces! Really appreciate to see some faces for the Turkish League :) Are Tosun and Malli gonna be included in your pack?
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    aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)

    looks so amazing! Can't wait for this face :D
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    garang1108's Faces

    Great Ronaldo face! I hope there'll be another Classic-Patch for this years fifa so we can use it :D But why is it your last face?
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    garang1108's Faces

    Seriously, you gonna cancel the pack because of one mean comment? Sure DizzeeSpellz could've expressed his critics more politely but if you can't take any negative comments, maybe forums ain't the right place for you... xD Eventhough I agree with him on the colour-issue, I like most of your...
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    Thanks for the latest WWT pack and great work on Bellarabi!
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    fantastic work on Passlack!
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    cika ivo's Faces

    I really like your Carlos*son Martinez version, great work on that one! But for some reason the eyes look kinda weird ingame (somehow "glassy" but not really brown) but I guess that's a general problem :( Aleix Vidal looks really realistic aswell - by far the best version I've ever seen for him :D...
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    AmaroLand's Faces (WWTFM)

    Since you're already working on Vidal, it would be cool if you could keep it up to date and add a beard aswell :D That's a picture posted today on facebook by the FC Bayern page:
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    wichanwoo's Faces

    I haven't checked this thread for quite a while, but I really like your new work! One can see that you put great effort in makling these faces and tattoos, which is why they look so realistic! I love the Depay tattoo btw with all the comic themes :D
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    DAMN's Hair

    what the hell mate, this is just amazing... brilliant work on all these faces!
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    aurion17's faces

    Great work, especially on Anderson!
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    lth19951021's Faces

    wow, amazing Rafinha :D Really like the texture
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    Tonce's Kits

    great work on lyon aswell! Looking forward to more new kits :D Don't know if I'm allowed to send requests, but I'd love to see the new Wolfsburg-kit sometimes:
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    Tonce's Kits

    Beautiful work here! Love to see all these high quality new kits :) Keep up the great work!