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    FIFA 22 Goal Songs

    This only works for FUT, I'm pretty sure he was asking about modding (kick off/career mode),
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    Tifo For Every Team

    Could you share how to assign a tifo to teams that don't have one?
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    Pepkata's Graphics Mod

    I'm sorry, I'm currently busy with other projects. Work on this mod is halted for now.
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    Pepkata's Graphics Mod

    Search packtalent in Legacy Explorer
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    Pepkata's Graphics Mod

    You need to edit the 4th and 6th lines in adboard_0_color.
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    Pepkata's Graphics Mod

    Pepkata's Graphics Mod Hi. this is my first public mod and I hope you like it. It adds a lot of graphical features. Features: Licensed AFC Champions League; Brasileirao; Carabao Cup; Papa John's Trophy; CASA Liga 1; Copa America); Copa Del Rey; Supercopa De Espana; Coupe De France; Coupe...
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    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Yeah, I'd like a version with Bulgaria licenced. Here's the national team badge if you need it:
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    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Great work. Could you make a version without Croatia replacing Bulgaria?
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    Rest of Europe

    Hi, I'm Bulgarian and I saw that you want to include 3 bulgarian teams. I can help, let me know if you want to.
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    Patch Brazuka 21 (14 new leagues without replacing any other and 22 new National Teams + Realism and Gameplay Mod)

    Hi. I saw that you have plans to make the Bulgarian league. I'm Bulgarian so I can help with that if needed.
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    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    Hello. I would like to request these two kits. They are the home and away kits of Levski Sofia.
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    MrRonald2796's Graphics

    Yes, you just have to find the textures in Frosty.
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    Anyway to change ingame chants

    Sadly it isn't possible.
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    KO's scoreboards

    Thanks! You're a legend!
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    KO's scoreboards

    Wow! That was fast! Thank you so much!! It looks amazing! I have another request, once again from Bulgaria: Thanks in advance!