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    Looking for players in north america to play We8/Pes4 for PC

    I still think is the best or one of the best soccer games ever made for the computer or console! along with winning eleven 2002 for psx the gameplay was just awesome. Also PESlauncher needs to be resurrected cause that's where we can meet more often like in 2014. I'm looking for people all over...
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    PES4 Online World Cup

    we played a game Peru vs England and I caused intentional lag loading emule. I didn't cheat against other players just you cause I thought the lag was unfair but it wasn't your fault. I was young and I regret it. Want to play pes4 again?
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    Help!! Online not working!

    UPDATE: I found out that the ports change all the time so is not use to have a certain fixed set of ports, if you can't client and you have a router that can enable DMZ for you do that while connecting, after you connected meaning when your @ the country selection page you can disable dmz and...
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    Help!! Online not working!

    I solved the deal as to why you can't be client on Pes4, some routers will treat incoming packets on port 2000-3000 as request rather then replays therefore in these cases you need to have these ports forwarded in your router as well. :bob:
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    Can Host, Cant join (PES4)

    Somebody help! I can't join games and DMZ is not the solution... heeeelp... BTW I notice after I join the game even if I disabled DMZ on my pc I can play the whole game trught... it is only during the exchange or establishing the connection where DMZ has to be enable to my pc for me to join...
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    Can't join the host on winning eleven 8!!!

    I'm talking about we9 asshole!!... ur provocking me or what! ........ u have to enter the IP WTF it is a routing issue..!! bitch! So does anyone knows?? :nape:
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    I'm going to post some of my gols here too for your pleasure

    they'll be on youtube... expect it soon... they're on we8 tough. (6)
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    3 goals 3 ways

    even AVI to MPG may result in big file size if the settings in bitrate for mpg are like those of svcd or even vcd I suggest u keep it in AVI but use virtualdub and divx5.05 to compress it to 400kbs and the audio as mp3. that will make it go from 30 to 8 in a few years.
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    Can Host, Cant join (PES4)

    if they input your external IP and they can't join your game after you set portfowarding... ur either doing something wrong... or ur router is ****e...
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    Can't join the host on winning eleven 8!!!

    I know the typical problem for people is that they can't host but not that they can't join??? I can host...but can not join the games... I don't know what is the reason I bet you know the solution... please tell me... I know is the router not my pc.
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    WE10 video presentation

    Shawshank! come here to play pes5! I havne't seem on the launcher in a long time.
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    Paul gene, do yu read email?

    everyone knows man, I bet you are mailing paul about your excuses. :kader:
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    Paul gene, do yu read email?

    Shut up looser! you're cheater #1 and you should be hanged.