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    Help time matches compdata

    Or just change the match times in schedule to be at a sunny time of day is probably quicker. Set all the times in the last column to start at 1500 in the last column
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    Help time matches compdata

    There is a table called weather in compdata. You will need to change it to sunny weather for all countries.
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    "unlock" the women's national teams, the MLS Team and the Adidas Team

    Copy another teams line in teams table and change teamid and assetid to the team you want to use. delete the existing womens team line. Remove the team from teamnationlinks table
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    Friends, please explain why banners don't appear in the game, I installed them in the Editor?

    Check teams table in database, look for column isbannerenabled. Make sure value is set to 1 for the teamid you are using
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    Hi, no sorry I made the tool to help some people on this forum several years ago and I had no...

    Hi, no sorry I made the tool to help some people on this forum several years ago and I had no real need to keep it. Some of the members on here still use it so try posting a message in the thread and someone should be able to sort it
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    FIFA 16 Soundtrack

    You will need to change the reference also in hex. Sorry but this was many years ago now and several pcs ago. I don’t have time to relearn where all the values are but hopefully you will find them. Good luck
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    How do you create a national team?

    It takes ages doesn’t it. I’m working on a solution at the moment, it’s a bit complicated at the moment though so I’ll let you know.
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    Compdata help

    Schedule file in compdata. The columns reflect this: complineid, dayid, legno, noofmatchesmin, noofmatchesmax, localtime
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    Compdata help

    If there isn't one in there it doesn't use a real life schedule so you don't need to worry about it. Just make sure all the games are in the schedules file in compdata. I think they left it out because no all the clubs are licensed
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    Compdata help

    There is a real life schedule which you will need to resolve. dlc/dlc_FootballCompEng/dlc/FootballCompEng/data/compdata/schedules Change the line in the settings file so that it says schedule_year_real 0 Then change the start month to august
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    Which Leauge IDs are working?

    Great news mate! Yes sorry I thought I said that one earlier. It looks in dlc schedule for real life fixtures if you put it as a year
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    Which Leauge IDs are working?

    Never mind, you said it works with 84 so can’t be that. Yep it’s weird and frustrating
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    Which Leauge IDs are working?

    Oooh wait! Just when you select a team from that league? Do the teams have players, formation and stadium assigned?
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    Which Leauge IDs are working?

    Yep those ids are copied from the ones I am using. I think I’m out of ideas