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    Someone knows how to create new league in FIFA 22?

    Hello mate i have been trying to make the romanian liga2 but i have run in 2 major problems. Firstly my files are different to yours and I don’t know how to make the playoff(I used Germany league 3,id-2076) And also in career mode it doesn’t show the Romanian first league when I press other...
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    Kit request

    Hello I am trying to make a career with a local team in Romania but struggling on kit.can anyone help?The team is called CSM FETESTI.Here is kit.Thank you
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    FCSB to Steaua Bucuresti

    Hello I don’t know if this counts as a mod but can anyone change the FCSB badge,Kits and name back to the ones from the 2000-2001 season(aka the ones used until 2017)?
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    FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 10.0 --TU17 for FMM1.1.3

    Hello,I recently got Ent and when I open it with FMM all the unlicensed teams work (Roma,Atalanta ect) but the national teams don’t.Is there a fix for this?