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    International 12-13 Kits

    Will you release the pack with Serbia/Croatia kits?
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    World Tour 2011 Version 2 for FIFA 11 is Out

    So no Guadeloupe? While they were in the last 2 Gold Cup?
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    Request a Face Thread 11

    Axel Witsel: Timmy Simons: Tae-Se Jong...
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    kaokokao's faces

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    kaokokao's faces

    Really nice job on the face! Just maybe the hair should even be twice bigger (Fell's 'fro is really huge.....) Anyway, no plan do to some Thai players uh? Datsakorn Thonglao, Teeratep Winothai or Sukhat twins would just great :D Keep up the great art!
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    FIFA-ASIA.NET Shahab International Kits

    Where can we get those kits man? Keep up the great work on Non-european thingies! I love it :D
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    Veggt's workshop

    Hello Veggt, May I ask you to do Matlama FC shirts? I've finished the roster and the team is ready but I don't have kits :D As soon as I have shirts, I can send a CMP to you so you can add it to your african patch :) Cheers, Scissors...
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    Algerian Ligue 1 patch - African Megapatch

    Interesting project. I actually started working on rosters for Matlama FC (Lesotho) and St. Michel United (Seychelles). I can send them to you when they're finished if you wish. Kind regards, Scissorhands.
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    Pepis workshop - season 09/10

    Hi Pepis, excellent work :) Would you mind re-uploading this Egypt Home? It seems your host has deleted it :)
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    Mogolos National kits Luxurious series

    Hello Mogolos, Would you mind doing Guadeloupe kits for me? I could have done them, but I actually have no time to work on graphics for fifa. Thanks in advance anyway and keep up the national team kits coming, they're everywhere in my game ;)
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    Scissorhands Logos pack

    Here you are:
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    Scissorhands Logos pack

    Andre, I didn't send Veikkausliiga yet..... will do them as well (I've to work on FF Jaro soon and I'm done with them).
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    Scissorhands Logos pack

    Will ask Samsanger to add them :) And sent English BlueSquare Premier 2009-2010 too :) Sooner Poland 2 and maybe Portugal 2 as well.
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    Scissorhands kits shop

    Thanks guys, preparing now my next kits, Curswine already guessed which.... it will be Zanzibar, hope I can also make this one soon :)
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    Scissorhands Logos pack

    Go here: You'll find all league banners under each forum part. Hungary, probably I'll do, Portugal, sources are too random to be made. Anyway, I'm also thinking doing Poland 2, but first, I'll update all leagues.... some clubs changed logos...