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    Ty's Badges

    Could you do Newport County 1980, please. Tried to upload image but failed.
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    Admeral kits from 1970s

    I made them for FIFA 10, but got rid of them a long time ago
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    WinCool's Kits

    Pleasure to help
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    WinCool's Kits

    Have you converted the kit to a TGA. Mine works fine in Fifa Manager 13 as do other kits I've downloaded from here.
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    WinCool's Kits

    Excellent Celtic kits!
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    The automatic Kit-Converter - Making a kit in less than one minute

    I'n using Photoshop CS4 and there is no file called Actions Palette. When merged with the Action File and started, the programme says it does not recognise the file. I think this is what some of the others are trying to advise you on.
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    Fifa 10, Classic Patch return.....

    How can I download the patch?
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    English Retro kits

    I've done loads..but for Fifa Manager.
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    Some kits...

    Dude, your producing great kits and people want you to do them. That's why they are not following your rules..still love the green "GK."
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    Some kits...

    I thought the green "GK," was hilarious!!
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    fifa manager editor help?

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    ☆ Thailand Kits Newbie ☆

    Liverpool home and Manchester United Away from the 1990's are brilliant..can you do the home ones?
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    Fifa 10-season 11/12 kits sharing centre

    Excellent Saints kit..can you do the away kit!!
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    70's & 80's Kits

    I doubt it. Manager 11 doesn't need the depth on players as it's a management game. I still need to know how to upload my old kits.
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    70's & 80's Kits

    I have Fifa Manager 11 on my computer. I have the database with the updates if that is any help.