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    I just decided to pick up Pro Evo 2009 I took it online and played a few games. and notice tackling some one is crazy in this game. and the players seem to be stupid. and find out I can dribble from my end to the next end and score,why is the defence so hard is there a way to tackle, I played...
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    Sell my 360 and get a PS3?

    Ok I believe you can you sell me your xbox 360 for cheap
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    enable Direct IP connection

    Thanks good link
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    PS3 FIFA Gamers

    We need more people to get sign up so we can get the league started
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    enable Direct IP connection

    link no good
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    enable Direct IP connection

    The links dont work
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    Ps3 League

    Started a new,and excited league for all people on the PS3 console please check out our site and sign up thank you.
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    New League

    Thanks for the people that sign up for this league, we need a few more people to commit to playing in our league, for all you PS3 FIFA gamers this league is for you.
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    PS3 FIFA Gamers

    I'm trying to get and idea of how many people has a PS3, and are playing FIFA 2008, most of the threads I read are mostly about people playing. FIFA 2008 here for PC if you play FIFA 2008, on the PS3 console please reply to this thread i'm thinking of getting a league started. going thank you.
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    New League

    We need just 6 more PS3 FIFA 2008 gamers to start the league, please sign up if you are interested in playing with us thank you.
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    New League

    Starting up a new league for the PS3 console owner, to join this league please visit our website and go to the forum section, and under the new league interest please reply to the thread and leave us your PS3 name. Premier Gaming Leagues: The Best Sports Gaming Site on the Planet! - Home...
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    PES 2008: Is there a "player runs" button?

    Yes there is. to do this press the RT button immediately after passing the ball to instruct the player to make a forward run. this is the default setting for the game if you change your setting you figure it out this is for the xbox 360. PE3 it would be the R2 button
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    Called Konami

    I just call konami and spoke to there tech I was told that they are working on a patch for the online, they didnt give me a release date for this patch so here is the number I suggest we all call and complain and get there asses working on this patch. 310-220-8331. this number is for the north...