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  • Friend, I'm finishing my Mod do Brasil, could you help me with my DLC for season to start 21/22, I've done everything else just the mistake when I start the season!
    Using EEP mod for 1st time. I created mini-faces for Hessen-Kassel and wanted to share the files with you in case you would like to add them to your next update. Thanks for the quick fifa #18 update. My OneDrive link:
    Hi , Thank you very much for the tip , it's actually working ! This is so great !
    i used to be addicted to editing , this is no joke , i edited more than playing the game itself , seems stupid but i really like editting FIFA , especially the DB.

    So thanks again , also for the great job of creating the Creation Wizard , keep up the good work , i will keep folowing you !

    Your tool is the bomb … , if only after editing i could get it into the game … lol... can you please please tell me how to get the edited "fifa_ng_db"-file into my FIFA 19 ???
    cause i'm stuck … i used to mod a lot i the old days but i'm an oldtimer and i seem to have lost my 'fingerspitzengefuhl' , is that good german ? hahaha… i hategetting older and dumber! by the way great videos on YouTube too !!
    Hello SlimOntario2033, I would like to be part of the group that can try the alpha version of the "Creation Wizard 2019" following your concerns regarding the program, as well as what I could discover and suggest, if you like it. Thank you.
    (I use Google Translate)
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