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    Amusing Mitchell And Webb Piss-take Of Sky Sports.

    I love that guy. The Peep Show was pure genius.
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    Sigs or something

    Don't wanna sound harsh Dipanjan, but the last 3 or 4 sigs are a big step back in my opinion. They look very beginnerish. The wallpaper was class.
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    England's not winning the 2010 World Cup anymore

    "Crapello"...right, the man wins 9 league titles and a champions league title and he is considered crap.
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    Welcome Sir. Fabio Capello

    Unfortunately, hiring another English manager would bring us absolutely nothing. We may as well of kept McLaren. There are no English managers capable. I don't even care if the manager is English or not. It was never an issue to me.
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    The Safe House

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    PES 2008 Screenshots & Videos

    Wow, that is terrible. It seems to have happened a lot to you. This should really not be happening anymore.
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    Russia vs. England [P+R]

    Which fans are you referring to? I don't know anyone that rates England as a great team. Or are you talking out of your arse again?
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    Russia vs. England [P+R]

    Maybe so, but still very good players capable of achieving things.
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    Dida [P+R]

    Richard, why only single out Rooney and Messi? There are FAR bigger cheats in football than those guys. Why not mention Drogba? Gerrard? Ronaldinho? And bringing a racism issue into this is just laughable. You are a dumbass plain and simple. Remind me again, what exactly have the higher...
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    Cover Songs

    Keane's cover of With or Without you sucked.:-puke:
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    Dida [P+R]

    Matt is right, Richard, your argument is extremely weak. If you want things to improve regarding diving, then surely you should be in support of Dida getting punished. He did CHEAT you know. Can I just ask Richard, who do you support?
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    La Liga: Barcelona - Atlético

    Well get used to it.
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    Chelsea F.C [2007-2008] Thread

    Carvalho > Terry
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    Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

    Three words. Gibson is injured.