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    Ochko Kit Thread

    Wow unique kits, well done :) P.S. Yeah I've saw that vivatel's logo is great ingame.
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    Ochko Kit Thread

    CSKA kit is great but the vivatel logo is so wide I think. Look at this for example: And at this: And for the away kit: vivatel logo is in black background with the size of...
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    Ochko Kit Thread

    Vihren's kit is great, but I'ma not sure that the kit has that black lines. Check this out: , ;)
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    Ochko Kit Thread

    Great kits Ceco, great kits :) Or in Bulgarian: Евала стра'отно :)
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    Betze and Remal faces !

    Ya men, Nikopolidis is just great :) EDIT: Charisteas!!! EDIT 2: I'ma soo stupid :D :D :D
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    :::EASTERN EUROPEAN PATCH:::(FIFA 08):::organization

    Здравей Диего ...незнам дали е уместно да ти пиша &#1089...
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    :::EASTERN EUROPEAN PATCH:::(FIFA 08):::organization

    Bitch what you need to do is? Hand my coat and roll me and do it...different strokes, fo' different stroke...ou you suck BFL's dick in Doggy Style :) С други думи- ще дойд&#1072...
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    Betze and Remal faces !

    Wow great, no not just great, unique faces. Well done, you're the greatest face maker in the world ma' nizzle :)
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    :::EASTERN EUROPEAN PATCH:::(FIFA 08):::organization

    If you use BFL patch I'll еба твойта майка!!!
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    d1VaKa Faces | 08 |

    Gimme the original pics of the players to compare them my nigga :)
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    NK FOOTBALL © FIFA™ WE5 +League - Download

    Is there a difference If I install only WE4 and if I install WE1,WE2 and so on before I install WE4? Or with other words to install new gameplay do I need to install only WE4 or I need to install previous patches before?
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    Demo? Out Now!

    Stop dat spam nizzles !!!
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    Questions about Fifa '08 (Merged Threads)

    About BD's in FIFA08 I have few created teams in a database in fifa07, will I can export my created teams in FIFA08 (with Creation Master) like I can do that with Champ. Leag. 07? And other quest: Will demo database have same structure as the FIFA08 database (I mean the diff. to be only...
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    New Video:Best Gameplay Ever

    In game the game is like FIFA 07, maybie small diufferences, and the menu is like FIFA 07. But all that we'll see on Monday :)
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    Well that changes the kit attributes: e.g. socks colour, the colour of numbers and so on ;)