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    Oedit for Vista???

    Hey ppl, I've been looking for a long time if there is any way to run oedit on Vista. Because I reall want to restart creating faces again. Somebody knows? just let me know please.
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    UEFA EURO 2008 Final Patch: FIFASite & FIFADome

    oh yeah man, its a game bug, my bad.
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    EURO 08 - Gergerger Gameplay

    Hey buddy, I like the patch, just ony one problem, During the penalty kicks, the defenders are all way back on the midfield and there are not outside the area, which emeans if the shooter misses, he can score anyway.
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    UEFA EURO 2008 Final Patch: FIFASite & FIFADome

    I just found one bug out, when there is a penalty kick during a match, all the players but the gk and the kicker remain on the area, but the rest goes near to the midfield.
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    Boots and faces in Uefa Euro 08

    You guys have to use an installer and then put the files on the data folder. For regeneration u have to a use Fimamania regenerator
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    UEFA EURO 2008 Final Patch: FIFASite & FIFADome

    Thank you, I was waiting for this
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    First Hands-on preview Fifa 09

    I hope that the PC version will include untucked shirts, because im bored of all players with their jerseys inside.
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    Need help with a GFX patch

    Excellent idea, I really like it, I know a little of Hex edition, let me know how could i help u
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    --- Fifasite Euro 2008 Patch Release! ---

    NICE patch!! I was waiting for it. I just wonder how i can get to insert kits or some graphics on euro 08...i still dont know.
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    The CM08 thread

    thnx for answering no buddy, im just using 768*768 i play with other teams and it works properly, just between those teams i got a problem. p.s : i also have the fifa big fat .exe
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    The CM08 thread

    hey ppl i got a problem when inserting kits. I inserted some kits for Fc Barca and everything alright so far. Then i inserted some Real Madrid Kits , but i have the problem that i cant play barcela against madrid. However , i can play against other teams. Somebody can help me please?