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    PS3: please share your save if you have lots of points

    some pricks need to wake up to reality
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    Fifa Street 3 Demo

    its absolutely crap its worse than fifa street 2! i mean what the hell how can they make it worse? wasnt that good in the first place!
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    Be a Pro

    Hey i heard they wanna give an update in a few weeks which will alllow an online version of 5v5... maybe they will also release season mode??? and even stupider (dumber) is that they limit the pc to one season.. what the hell they have the function why limit the years???
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    Be a Pro

    Ok guys, so how do i go about playing a season on the ps3 be a pro mode? i know i can create my own guy and play a season on the PC version.... please!!
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    Simple question when editing players

    thanks alot steve pitts but unfortunately i am using the keyboard and holding the shift key and arrows doesnt work :( thanks alot for ur input though!
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    Simple question when editing players

    hey guys when editing attributes of players is there a way to change the attributes quicker? coz if i hold the key then it takes AGES to get the attributes lets say from 50 to 80 and if i need to do this for 15 players for my squad then it can get frustrating!
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    Direct IP help

    Ok so me and my friend have been trying to do multiplayer -> direct ip. But it doesnt work, my ip shows up as because im on a wireless router, but i tried giving him my external ip ( and that didnt work. I also tried to connect to him (his proper IP shows up) but...
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    -=new-= Nk Football © - V6

    Lol you have ur programming team AND your marketing team all in one :) Gd NK, just a pitty i dun have FIFa06 anymore, cant find it! cant wait for the WC update. will kepe checking this
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    -=new-= Nk Football © - V6

    hey NK once you fix that can you tell me where i can get it to test it out? thanks :ewan:
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    -=new-= Nk Football © - V6

    wheres the wordlcup one??
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    Anyone play FIFA Street 2 yet??

    its good ull like it
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    one chance and ea blew it!!!

    do u know soul?
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    USB joystick, GAME. Won't work!!

    Hey Nick so my suggestion worked? Glad it did ANyways yeah hahah! You now have two logitech dual actions! :P So if u search in registry i guess you wouldnt know which is which! Hmm shouldve thought about that earlier :P But as long as it works everything is good rite? Take care STARH