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    Fix for Team Experience bug in Manager Mode

    Yes, I am still available via the EAFFAnalyser email address (as per the original post) and PMs route to me via email too. Drop me a line and I'll reply with the beta release notice from many years ago.
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    Exactly that. I have absolutely no idea. The documentation isn't entirely clear but it doesn't look to me as if it changes saved game files. I've never used it though (I am an oddity on here in that I don't modify the base game at all, but I do like to delve around inside the saved game files)...
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    Tournament and League Structure and Editing Thread

    No the contents of the compdata text files are copied into tables that are held in the saved game data and it is those tables that are used in that career. I can tell you exactly where that data is and how it is structured, but since no one has ever figured out how the CRC process works for the...
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    FIFA 14 IDs

    Those tools are only looking at the original database. When you start a career mode the players table (along with a whole bunch of other tables) gets created in the saved game file and it is that version that is updated as your career progresses. Yes, every newly generated player (whether a...
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    Screenshots Problem

    I have a similar problem (in that screenshots taken with the PrtScrn key are simply grey rectangles) and have been scouring the web for a solution. The best I've come up with thus far is to use the built-in Snipping Tool, but for it to work the game needs to be running in Windowed mode which...
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    A Strange Problem With Youth Academy

    Are you the same person as 'TheHallofFamer' on the official EA forums, 'cos if not then you folks have the exact same issue. Either way, I'll repeat my offer to take a look at the saved game file, assuming you are playing on PC. I cannot guarantee to fix anything, but I might be able to figure...
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    FIFA 14 Better Career Patch

    Probably not, because the problem is in the game's display of the attribute growth for all of the values in the right hand column, not for the growth itself. Reactions, Vision and Penalties never show their growth, whilst all of the other values in the right hand column show the growth/shrinkage...
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    I've never used CM10 under Windows 7, but you need to ensure that you have the correct permissions to the directories that you are trying to write to and you may well need to run CM10 as administrator in order for Windows to allow you to write to the Program Files structure.
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    Fix for Team Experience bug in Manager Mode

    Folks, I feel like I'm repeating myself, but the only reliable way to contact me about my utilities these days is to use the email option (just click on my name in the panel to the left and choose the 'Send mail to StevePitts' option). It just so happens that I've dropped in here on a whim...
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    Fix for Team Experience bug in Manager Mode

    Sorry folks but I've not been on these forums since the middle of June, and have only popped in because of an email from Dean which mentioned that it was the second time he'd asked. If anyone is still interested in the fix then please email me (not post in this thread with an email address) and...
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    Problem using CM10 and MM10

    I provided you with the answer on another thread (which is always the problem with spamming multiple threads with the same issue, you forget where you asked) - Creation Master 10 - it is almost certainly a permissions issue.
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    PC FIFA 10 Chemistry Rating

    I have a utility that resolves that issue, amongst others, see the Fix for Team Experience bug in Manager Mode thread
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    Crash in loading phase

    It used to be 30 but for FIFA 10 was increased to 45
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    Creation Master 10

    At a guess you are running on Vista or 7 and that error is exactly what it says on the tin - you don't have access to that file/folder. Either give yourself the necessary rights, set up UAC so that it prompts you for an administrator account when you try to access areas you don't have...
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    League table

    So season mode allows you to carry on to the following season?? (as I said, I've never played it and just assumed that it allowed you to play a single season) or is the issue that you are using the default save name and that the next season mode has overwritten the first?? Either way I think you...