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    [RPL 10] Russian Premier-League, 1st and 2nd divisions 2010 patch

    • Russian Premier-League • Russian 1st Devesion • Russian 2nd Division (5 zones) • Belarus Premier-League • Russian Cup and Supercup • Belarussian Cup • UEFA Europe League with real reglament • World Cup 2010 Tournament with all 32 teams &#8226...
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    Thanks for re-uploading! But now site is ON again, we had some problems with hosting.
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    Cinematics Patch 10! Lots of tips needed...

    Important! Outsider! Can u upload only cinematics patching files, without touching popups settings? (Stadium and team preview, corners, throw-ins, pre-game viewvs of the teams, etc.)
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    Russian Premier League Patch Needed Please

    The problem is in that fact that fifa.db wasn't installed properly... It may be caused by installation RPL09 in NON-CLEAR fifa. This patch can be installed only on clean fifa. By the way, using content of our patch is not allowed, so i dont know how can u creat ur CMP.
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    Have u been installing other patches befor this patch?
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    Geißbock23 goes Fifa 10

    Fix Rubin Kazan Flag: Not ВОПЖАНЕ. True: ВОЛЖАНЕ.
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    I tried to use real grass textures, but in-game they looks bad... If u want i can try ur, just send me that one.
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    Its not truth... How i told u, film grain can be displayed in lowest resolutions of the screen, cause 1024*1024 texture dont have enough place on the screen to be normally graphed.
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    This is texture that makes ur grass "film graining". Thats just have higher resolution (1024*1024 against 512*512 in original). So if your graphic card cant graph it normally, its your problem. P.S. little bit film grain was done specially, cause original FIFA10 texture is a ****!ng...
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    Omg man, enable anisotropic x16 on ur graphic card and put higher resolution, if ur PC is a piece of sh!t - its not my problem.
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    Its your opinion. kkur7, patch replacing more then 310 files in zdata 36, 38 and 42. P.S. u've senn screens, so if u dont like it - dont download it. Lol.
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    Version 1.3 changes: - New grass HQ-subtextures - Edited moving patterns Version 1.3: Download! (
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    Legolas HQ Stadiums

    L3golas, hello, i've gotta question. How to impord crowds in FIFA 10? Converting thats based on FIFA 07-09 method makes a crowd with "Missing Texture" in FIFA 10. Do u have an idea? Thanks, Anton Samoylov.
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    High-Definition Grass Patch

    Where u found 4 mb version? I dont know what do u talking about friend! Yes! It was tested.