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    ][guNNer]['s Allsvenskan Kits

    Great to see that someone picked up what I left a few years ago! Keep em' coming.
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    HQ Kits

    these kits are AWESOME! Amazing patterns and textures. Great stitches on the shirts and nice collars as well. Good job!
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    WinCool's Kits

    Regarding Germany home: There's a mesh between the back of the collar and the german stripe on the back - I've seen it on both yours and emi's versions, but dont know where you got it from?
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Thanks guys - And thanks AleGN for the notice, I did not know about that until now. Here's the updated socks for Germany Home:
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Here we go, another wonderful kit by Adidas. Germany Home
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    Best Kit Maker 13/14

    Or at least release the kit we made for the last round in our own thread.
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Wow, that germany shirt is truely amazing, I will make it when there's more pics out there!
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Thanks guys! I'm glad you appreciate the texture work. Malmö FF 3rd kit
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    Best Kit Maker 13/14

    when will the cup be back?
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    Stark Industries

    That home kit is amazing, good job man!
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Thanks everybody! Suraj: Nice to see you man! I've had long breaks every now and then, but getting up to speed right now :)Thanks alot! Malmö FF GK This years swedish champions, congrats to my old classmate who's part of the successful squad this year!
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    FIFA 14 Models by FIFA Brothers Workshop

    Awesome,thanks pal!
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    Thanks guys! Germany usually wear very neat kits, so that is quite possible :)
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    Tonce's Kits

    Thans Jammee, I have now finished both Home and GK kits with shorts. Tonce: Maybe you'll need to adjust the green colors a bit, slighty more blue to it would do, I guess. Also add the adidas stripes on the long sleeves, KnightRider08 was kind enough to provide me with this pic...