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    Kit Problem

    This must be some kind of sizing problem, but im not sure, i have looked around everywhere, but couldnt find anything on this issue. anyway, when i import a kit through CM, it comes up like this. What have i done wrong?
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    LOD Mixer for PES6?

    Is the PES5 LOD Mixer compatible with PES6 lads? I can't find the PES 6 LOD Mixer, if there is one...
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    p o r t f o l i o 2 0 0 7

    Hey mate, when your free, could you take the time to put up with my request? If you can well, i want a 300 x 100 sig and uhhh, basically about Newcastle United Jets. Here's a couple of pics for you that i hope will help if your up for it. thanks if you can mate...
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    Microsoft Access? Does anyone know how to use it?

    Hey guys, well i need to make a database with MS of course, and i'm in major help, this ******* database is due in on thursday and i'm majorly ****ed, i need to make it to ''track my assigment scores from my essays, projects etc from each project'' anyone offer some help? thanks in advance.
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    Pre Season Tours?

    Well all i know so far is that, Barcelona are touring the US and Mexico, Sevilla and Celtic play 1 game each in japan, i guess we could build on that.
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    Pre Season Tours?

    36 views and nothing? anyone? Sorry for the bump.
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    Pre Season Tours?

    Guys, where are all the clubs touring for the pre season? Are there any clubs touring Japan? thanks in advance. :ewan:
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    my gfx thread

    Right lads, i'm requesting a full set Se7en. First off an Avatar, same design as the this.. Except in green and gold. I want the sun in green and the background in yellow. 90x90. Also for the signature, i want an ''urban'' look to it, something designerish, modern. I want it based...
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    ESPN- Butchers Of The WC

    Sbs > Espn. (h)
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    My Thread

    Ah, thanks a bunch mate, can i have an avatar to go with it? Again, thanks, i can't thank you enough. :rockman:
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    My Thread

    That's awesome mate, just the colour on the stripe could you make it the same colour as the nike tick?
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    My Thread

    Hey mate, i would like to make a request, something very similiar to bjmenge's sig, same design. Just have, yellow and green stripes and the FFA Logo. Also can yon you shift the badge and stripes to the left and put the nike mark (Green) the tick on the right? Background, white...
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    Urgent Help!!!

    Ah, thanks guys, i've got firefox to work again, cheers thanks a bunch. Now my Limewire, since it is totally screwed is there a file-sharing program which is just as good? Cheers. Thanks again guys.
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    Urgent Help!!!

    Ah, thanks IceBlu, i'll have a look at it in a sec, one more thing lads, how do i set IE as my default browser?
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    Urgent Help!!!

    Yeah, mate tried all that, still. :( Aigiht installed trillia, how the hell does it work? :S