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    SF #2: Russia vs. Spain [P+R]

    This is something I copied from another forum, and someone was sharp to notice this interesting scenario: If Russia beat Spain in the semifinal and beats Germany in the final, they would have avenged every single Euro final they had lost in one tournament. Spain 1964 FINAL Spain 2-0 USSR...
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    Uefa Cup

    matches become boring when you don't know 1/2 the players. aside from that, id say the most boring games are the barca-manu games..
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    Uefa Cup

    The Zenit players celebrated the goals like they knew they were gonna score them.... especially the 2nd one.
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    Champions League - Last Sixteen - 2007/2008

    This week's UCL and UEFA Cup freakishly similar... Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea (Kuyt, Riise (OG)) Bayern 1 - 1 Zenit (Ribery, Lucio (OG)) Other 2 games ended 0-0
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    Uefa Cup

    Bayern had to choose between losing like Arsenal or pulling a Man U.
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    Rumours Center

    Schalke signed Ze Roberto already, but not the Bayern one.
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    The CM08 thread

    Hi, The way CM08 calculates ratings for RWB and LWB seems to be inconsistent with the way its calculated in FIFA08.
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    Bayern München Thread [2007/08]

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    Bayern München Thread [2007/08]

    did u guys all see the middle finger?
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    What does your team need from the transfer market?

    in fact hargreaves is awesome rb
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    Who's Rodrigo Palacio?

    a wannabe jedi
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    OFFICIAL Transfers 2007-2008

    Ayala (Valencia) -> Zaragoza 6 mil
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    Copa América 2007, Semi-Final: Uruguay vs. Brazil [P+R]

    whats the goalkeeper off the line rule? i always thought when the kicker starts his run, the goalkeeper can go off his line?