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    Adding Stadiums

    Are you sure these are completely removed, or just partially? Remember in FIFA 09 how the Santiago Bernabeu was "removed"? We just had to add it to the database, all textures and models were in the game files.
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    News about FIFA11

    Been a long time since I've posted, but a quick question. Will the online pass system affect the game by a lot? On the EA Sports page, FIFA 11 is listed as a game which will use the system.
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    EPL Round 4: Manchester United x Arsenal [P/R]

    Please watch this video. How can say that it is NOT a dive!
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    EPL Round 4: Manchester United x Arsenal [P/R]

    He was already falling! It was such a clear penatly. United always get a ******* penalty when they ******* need it! BAN WAYNE ROONEY!
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    The Arsenal [2009/2010]

    From one angle, it was a dive, from another, it looked liked he caught his leg. Either way, it was not a penalty. I doubt Eduardo would have complained if it would not have been given. But I love how everyone starts calling for bans etc. Why did no one ever start this kind of bull**** for the...
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    Usain Bolt sets world record (again)

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    OMG! Jarque dead!

    RIP mate. It is so sad to hear this. I was proud to see Fabregas dedicate his second goal against Everton to Jarque.
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    Which club/team do u hate the most?

    Real Madrid and Manchester City for ruining football with their money...
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    The Arsenal [2009/2010]

    Right, time for me to post again. What a match yesterday. I enjoyed every second of it.
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    names in play

    Would it be possible to make Carlos Wilshere from Arsenal?
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    names in play

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    .:: 09 graphic switcher ::.

    MD, is it possible to add on-the-fly kits? Then for example, we could use league AND CL/UEFA Cup kits! Amazing work mate.
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    Calendar Evolution Tool 09 by Krystian 82

    Wonderful. Cheers mate!
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    Armband Patch 09 - Possible but...

    Any updates on this?
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    Puliciclone Stadiums...

    Amazing work mate!