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  • Hello tokke001, Happy New Year!, I've been using your tools and appreciate very much the work you've put into keeping these games alive, for me it is a very entertaining hobby while I also get to relive playing with my favorite legends thanks to you!
    Do you know of a way to resize heads from FIFA 14 to FIFA 16. I used your converter but converted player heads vary in size. Do you know of a solution for this? Thanks as always!

    I've been trying to add FIFA 11 faces to FIFA 16 (converted from switch version), but I keep running into an issue with the eyes, is there a way to solve this:

    Hey I just installed the Patch for FIFA 11 20/21 seaoson and it's brilliant. I just have one problem when i try to start a career the game completely crashes why is that ?
    The career mode will be available in the next version
    hello actually my fifa 11 crashes after 2 seasons of manager mode please help me
    Do not trust the automatic autosave, to avoid errors you must save your process by overwriting career mode and personal settings. it worked for me.
    Hi, I'm working on a PSVita FIFA 20 mod and I was wondering if you have any tips on how to convert a FIFA 14 face to 13 (those are the ones compatible with the PS Vita version).
    I've seen people converting the most recent FIFA 14 faces (converted from the Switch) and I was wondering if you could give me any tips on this, since the guy that was doing this simply vanished from the team.

    Thanks in advance!
    hey can i ask which is the file for match days in manager mode? i changed the days (via CM) so the calendar will be better now (no more 2 matches at the same day) and i want to share it with friends.
    Здорова, хочу предложить тебе сотрудничество, давай я тебе дам свой патч РПЛ и ФНЛ сезона 19-20 все сделано, ты засунешь его к себе в патч 19-20 и подредактируешь чуть чуть, что бы все четко работало.
    Hello mr. tokke001, I've a problem with the 2018-19 patch (1.1) for FIFA 11. The game shows only the first generic adboards (I think they are the World Cup adboards) and not the specific ones for the teams. Also in the Creation Master they don't appear. The rx3 files are correctly placed in the "adboards" folder. I hope you can help me
    Hello Mr. tokke001, sorry for bothering you. I've been trying to install the patch for Spanish commentaries but I haven't been able to, I run the installer at FIFA 11 folder and apply the i68 regenerator but in game settings there's no option for spanish. I have the EU version of FIFA 11 with english, french, deutch, italian and dutch. I would be really greatful if you can help me.
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